GOOD LOOKS - A Pow Wow Indian Party Collection

Sunday, March 1, 2015

pow wow

There are so many great new party themes arriving this year for kids birthday parties and today we are featuring the new Pow Wow range imported from the UK. For a while we have had the Howdy Cowboy range from Meri Meri US - and our one Chapter in our book shows some great ideas for such a hoedown. And now it is possible to have the full Cowboy and Indians party with this Indian inspired range.

The colours: I love the "Indian Summer" autumunal colours or burnt orange, greens, mustard yellow and turquoise blue.

The mini cacti centrepiece and the ones perched on the straws. And did you spot the canoe snack trays! My favourite goody of all!

The burlap table runners and mini horses available for sale and the mini little haystacks arriving soon - make for the most thought out tablescape ever.

Make a teepee and feather garland for play time and the bedroom afterwards! Plus, there are feather headdress kits for the kids to make and play the part!

The new treat bags are the perfect size for snack packs for larger sized favours! And there are little teepee treat boxes too.

Plus: Look at these amazing free printables that match the party perfectly.

Cake Toppers


Memory Game

 Thank You Card

Totem Pole Centrepiece


GOODIES - Monster Favours

monsters mash

Inspired by our super-successful hand tattoos, these designs turn little fingers into finger puppets! Each pack contains 20 monster themed finger puppet tattoos. 

Monster Finger Tattoos

GOODIES - Sunday Sneak Peek

into the wild

It has taken a few years no less, but I have managed to hunt down these felt animal wall heads and these will be arriving soon in all our stores! They are just the perfect addition to your baby's nursery, child's bedroom or playroom! And if you are like me most likely will be the backdrop of the next party's dessert table too!

GOODIES - Dinky Dipstick Games

Saturday, February 28, 2015


dinky dipsticks

As you start planning your Easter Holidays, you may want to get hold of one our new Dinky Dipsticks, they are just the thing to keep the whole family entertained at home, on holiday – even in car! There are 4 different tubes to choose from – all with a different game inside but each equally as fun!


Pick a stick and draw the object written on it. Friends guess what you're drawing and shout out what they think it is. The person who guesses correctly keeps the stick and takes the next pick. Whoever has the most sticks is the winner!

Contents: 160 Lucky Draws.


Pick a stick and describe the word written on it without saying the next three words. You might have to describe a banana without saying: yellow, fruit or eat. The first person to correctly guess what you are describing wins the stick and takes the next pick. Whoever has the most sticks is the winner!

Contents: 160 Words to Describe


Pick a stick and ask your friends to shout out the correct answer. It could be a fruit beginning with A or a country beginning with F. The first person to correctly shout out wins the stick and takes the next pick. Whoever has the most sticks is the winner!

Contents: 160 'Shouts'

Who Am I?

Pick a Stick and describe in words or do an impression of who you are to your friend. You could be anyone from Prince William to Dr. Who. The first person to correctly shout out who you are wins the stick and takes the next pick. Whoever has the most sticks is the winner!

Contents: 160 Names.


R115 each

GOOD LOOKS - The Hip Hop Hooray Collection

Friday, February 27, 2015

hip hop hooray

The latest collection from Meri Meri for Easter is brilliant! It is super on trend as it has a predominantly bright white background with cute illustrations, bright colours in plaid and neon accents. There are all your favourite goodies: plates, cups and napkins and NEW! shop stoppers like the garland with 3D carrots and white pinwheels with colourful centres.

Hip Hop Hooray Easter Collection

GOODIES - Popcorn Boxes

popcorn boxes - finally!

With a big song and dance we are happy to announce that we have popcorn boxes in classic stripes: red, yellow, green, pink, black (and fuchsia pink and baby blue). And even though they are "popcorn" boxes - they work perfectly for holding other treats: chips, cheese straws, sweets etc.

Popcorn Boxes
Pack of 6

GOODIES - Easter Chocolate Moulds

Thursday, February 26, 2015

easter choccies

Create your own Easter chocolates with this easy to use mould. Make lovely gifts or cupcakes decorations with the rabbit, duck and egg shapes. This silicone mould is non-stick, heat resistant and dishwasher safe. The mould measures 210 x 100mm and each shape measures between 30 and 40mm.

Easter Chocolate Mould

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