GOODIES - New Season

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

new season

I can't wait for our new season stock to arrive, so many lovely and "springy" things. Here is a little sneak peek of some pretty candle holders arriving soon from Denmark.

GOOD LOOKS - Race Car Party Favours

sticker service

With our printable party stickers, you can turn any plain red, white or black party favours into matching car themed goodies. Here little white tins filled with red and white M&Ms were made into Race Car sweets with little party circles stuck to the lid.

Similarly, red and white treat boxes were stuck closed with car badges.

Printable Party Collection

GOODIES - NEW! Mini Milestone Cards

mini milestone cards

How many times do your children say something funny, and you think: “I should write that down”? This box contains 100 unique, illustrated cards for recording all the quirky, unexpected things your kids say and do every day.

Each card can be dated and kept in the box or a scrapbook. Or take a picture of it with your child for your photo album. You’ll be enjoying the memories for years to come.

Mini Milestone Cards

GOODIES - Frozen Lighting

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

gentle glow

For your Christmas in July Dinner party or Frozen Birthday Bash, instead of candles, light your table with these luminary bags. A flame inside the white paper bag gives off a soft, flickering glow, and use our LED battery operated tea lights to prevent any fire mishaps.

GOODIES - Predict a Pen

dare you live by the pen? 

Sometimes you just need a little help when faced by too many of life’s tricky decisions. Meet your friends tonight? (without a doubt) or do some chores? (dude, no way!). Whatever the query Predict A Pen is here to advise! Watch the barrel spin and stop on a random but often wise answer. Always at hand to give an unbiased and emotionally detached second opinion.

Predict a Pen

GOOD LOOKS - Race Car Party Awards

and the winner is...

Create a podium and hand out medals and trophies to the winners. One could even spray a bottle of kiddies champagne!

GOOD LOOKS - Race Car Party Games

Monday, July 28, 2014

more race themed games

Here are a few more games I spotted on Pinterest...

Set up a series of “tyres”: use real ones if you have or hula hoops - at different distances and assign each a point value. Line the little racers up and give each a set number of plastic balls/bean bags. The goal to the game is to get as many points as possible by tossing the balls into the tyres.

Fill a glass jar with either real toy car wheels or liquorice circles that look like wheels, and have the little racers guess how many are in the jar.

Hide different parts of toy cars in and around the garden or buried in a sand pit and have kids hunt or dig for the pieces. One could even split the racers in two teams and set the challenge of them having to rebuild the car!

Have a outline drawing of a car either on standard size paper or print one huge car, and let kids decorate the car with their own art work or stickers from the printable party.

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